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The Last Survivor is a third-person action game that's clearly inspired by PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). Here, up to one hundred players get to battle it out on an enormous island full of weapons and vehicles. As always, only one person can become the last survivor and be crowned the winner.

The controls in The Last Survivor are typical: on the left part of the screen, you'll find the virtual d-pad to move your character around, while on the right, you have the action buttons. When you find a weapon, a box, a vehicle, or a door, you can interact by simply selecting the pop up button.

The rounds in The Last Survivor have a similar development as PUBG or any other battle royale. All the players parachute their way down to the island and as soon as they land, have to run around trying to find weapons, armor, and other useful objects. Whoever is left standing at the end is the winner, regardless of how many opponents he's able to kill.

The Last Survivor is another great alternative to PUBG and Rules of Survival, that will let you enjoy all the excitement of battle royales on your Android device. Plus, the game has great graphics and various game modes: single player and in teams.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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